May Gives Full Support to New Environment Campaign

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, today gave her full support to the newly established BlackOutSpeakOut Campaign, organized by several leading environment groups.

“The campaign’s observation that ‘Silence is not an option’ couldn’t be more accurate as Canadians face the biggest assault on nature in history,” said May.  “I am proud to support this wonderful and timely initiative to empower Canadians to speak out and save our environment.”

May stated that the timing of the campaign couldn’t be better as the Harper Conservatives push their Bill C-38 Budget Implementation Bill through Parliament, invoking time allocation, undermining committee oversight, and misleading the public on hidden details.

At the same time, Environment Minister Peter Kent has been claiming that environmental groups are “money laundering,” implying that they are disguising the source of money or assets derived from criminal activity.

“This claim by Mr. Kent is misleading in the extreme, designed to alienate Canadians from the very people who are working to protect their environment.  Such unfounded and misleading over-statement is politically cynical, manipulative, and reprehensible,” said May.

“In the same vein, the Harper Conservatives are all set to define ‘national interest’ in line with their oil, gas, and mining master plan – of which Bill C-38 plays an important role.  Thank goodness Canadians are ready to challenge that definition,” May concluded.