May Welcomes Indigenous Youth to Parliament Hill; Criticizes Harper’s Panda Priority

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf Islands today welcomes the indigenous young walkers of The Journey of Nishiyuu to Ottawa and Parliament Hill.

“I know Canadians are moved by the courage and dedication of the young First Nations and Inuit walkers, some of whom started as far away as the community of Whapmagoostui on Hudson Bay in northern Quebec. David Kawapit, the Cree youth that initiated this walk should be commended for this impressive initiative,” said May.  “They are a wonderful example of peaceful, but powerful protest against the Harper Conservative agenda that is harming native communities.”

The Green Party joined those criticizing Prime Minister Harper for leaving Ottawa in order to avoid his latest budget – which negatively impacts First Nations and Inuit by imposing a form of “workfare” – and the powerful voices of indigenous young people.

“The deplorable state of many First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada – from housing and education to safe drinking water – is something our government must deal with as soon as possible,” said May, “but Harper continues to avoid the issue – this time by heading to Toronto for the arrival of two pandas on loan from China.  The priorities of this Conservative government have never been clearer and more shameful.”