MEDIA ALERT: Standing votes on opposition amendments to Bill C-19

Currently, Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf Islands, is forcing standing votes on opposition amendments to Bill C-19, in co-operation with Bloc Quebecois and NDP members. This action is being taken to emphasize the fact that all Members of Parliament, duly elected by a majority of their constituents, have a right to be recognized and heard in the House of Commons.

Unfortunately, this was not the case yesterday when Ms. May was prevented from paying tribute to Vaclav Havel who, ironically, was dedicated to the struggle for and protection of democratic rights.

Ms. May’s protest action is also in response to the systematic silencing of MPs since the Conservative Party gained their coveted majority government.”We have to take every opportunity which the rules of the House offer to show Canadians that their valued democratic rights are being curtailed almost daily in what was once a House where varying opinions were respected and heard.”