National Lyme Disease Strategy Act (Bill C-442)

Kevin Lamoureux: Mr. Speaker, I pick up on the point in terms of the need for having that national strategy, as individual provinces, some more than others quite possibly, look at what can be done with Lyme disease.


Would the member provide more comment as to why it is so important that there be a national strategy? This way we could better serve all Canadians.

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I think the reasons are clear in terms of the context. I have had some hon. colleagues ask me why should the federal government be involved in this. Partly, unlike other diseases, this one is preventable. Better knowledge and sharing of best practices can allow Canadians, wherever they go across this country, to know: with the metaphor of UV radiation and skin cancer, are we in a part of the country where we know that ticks that bear this bacteria are endemic? Are we in a place where we should perhaps be a little bit more vigilant than usual?

The more we share across provincial boundaries, best practices, the more the medical community is able to benefit from what some doctors are doing in one part of Canada which is quite different from what is happening elsewhere. Sharing best practices as a country will make sure every Canadian is better protected wherever they live from this terrible disease.