Oral Questions: Canada-China Investment Agreement

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I am afraid the hon. House leader missed the point of my question. I accept that Canadian businesses operating in China are largely better off, but the public interest in Canada, indeed decisions at the municipal level, provincial level and federal level can be challenged by China if China finds them arbitrary. That is why the city of Port Alberni today wrote the Prime Minister to ask if the agreement could be stopped and the Prime Minister plans to go after the provinces to claw back millions that should never be open to claims by state-owned enterprises of China.


Hon. Peter Van Loan: Mr. Speaker, the leader of the Green Party in quoting the Prime Minister is referring to comments that arise out of World Trade Organization matters, not out of this foreign investment protection agreement. But Chinese investors in Canada for years have been able to rely on the Canadian rule of law. Now, finally, Canadians will be able to rely on this agreement to protect their investments and that is the reason why we moved forward with this to protect Canadians and their investments.