Oral Questions (Fisheries and Oceans)

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister put in place the Cohen commission to look into missing sockeye salmon in the Fraser River. Three years and $26 million later, Mr. Justice Cohen gave 75 recommendations, which so far have been ignored, and some policy decisions are going in the opposite direction.

My question is for the Prime Minister this. Was the $26 million well spent? If so, will he implement the recommendations? If not, why not? Was it only short-term public relations in announcing the commission, or are we serious about Fraser River sockeye salmon?

Gail Shea: Mr. Speaker, we are committed to long-term support of the salmon fishery in British Columbia, which is why we established the commission in the first place.

We have introduced several measures that are consistent with recommendations from the commission, which include the moratorium on aquaculture developed in the Discovery Islands.

We are investing $25 million in the recreational fisheries conservation partnership fund. All of the revenues from the salmon conservation stamp will now be provided directly to the Pacific Salmon Foundation for use in its projects. We are providing $54 million to enhance the regulatory certainty for the aquaculture sector to provide greater support to science directed at aquaculture.