Question No. 148

Elizabeth May: With regard to the Afghan detainee documents, excluding all matters which are in their nature secret, for each document: (a) what are its contents; (b) what are the names of the (i) sender, (ii) recipients; and (c) on what date was it sent?

Hon. John Baird: Mr. Speaker, on March 25, 2010, and on April 1, 2010, two sets of documents pertaining to Afghan detainees were tabled in the House of Commons. These documents can be accessed through the House of Commons Journals, sessional paper numbers 8530-403-3 and 8530-403-4.

On June 22, 2011, as agreed to by unanimous consent, the Minister of Foreign Affairs tabled an additional 362 documents.

The 362 documents tabled in the House of Commons on June 22, 2011 can be accessed through the Government of Canada’s website on Afghanistan at the following address:

Parliamentarians also have direct access to the June 22, 2011, documents through the Journals in the House of Commons, which can be referenced through sessional paper number 8530-411-3.

The tabling brought to a close a $12 million, 12-month process that reinforced what the government has said all along.