Question Period – Ethics

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, no due process, no presumption of innocence, no natural justice, and three senators with very different fact sets lumped together for punishment.


If this kind of vigilante justice took place in any other place in Canada, these people could go to the courts for redress following because of these numerous violations. But because it is in the Senate, as it would be in the House if this precedent goes unchallenged, they will find themselves just as Helena Guergis did and be told, “it is royal prerogative and you have no right to complain if your reputation is ruined”.

Will the Prime Minister do the right thing: stop this farce in the Senate and call a full inquiry?

Paul Calandra: Mr. Speaker, as I said earlier, I will let the NDP, Liberals and now the Green Party stand up for these three senators who are accused of very large infractions with taxpayers’ money.

The Prime Minister has been very clear. We want this motion passed. We want the Liberals in the Senate to stop obstructing this so that it can be passed immediately. On this side of the House, we are going to stand up for taxpayers and we want the opposition to do the same and have the Liberal senators get out of the way. Pass this motion immediately.