Question Period – Ethics

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I appreciate the minister’s response. It is true that the RCMP are investigating the Prime Minister’s Office, which I think is a first in the history of this country.

My question goes to the partisanship, which of course is endemic to politics, but can we not rise above it in question period and in our talking points to media, and stop trying to make minor molehill incidents into major mountains?

We need to show some respect for the Canadian public and not continue to let this place degenerate.

Pierre Poilievre:  Mr. Speaker, today we learned that Leann from the Grace Foundation lost her job. She lost her job because the Liberal leader charged $20,000 in speaking fees for a fundraising event that was a total bomb. It lost money, and donations that were intended to help the elderly who are most in need went into the pocket of the Liberal leader.

That organization is pleading with the Liberal leader, and has been doing so for two months, to pay back that money.

I hope the Green Party will join with us in urging the Liberal leader to do the right thing by our seniors and our elderly and pay back the money.