Senate’s Indian Act amendments vastly reduce sex-based discrimination

November 08, 2017
(OTTAWA) – ”I’m pleased the Senate has put forward amendments that would improve sex-based discrimination in the Indian Act,” said Elizabeth May.

“I put forward similar amendments in June to end sex-based discrimination in the Indian Act, but they were defeated at committee and report stage. Thanks to good work in the Senate, we now ‎have an acceptable compromise,” Ms. May said.

“I urge the Senate and House to embrace the full scope of changes that advocates seek on this critical sex-based issue. Indigenous peoples should not be denied status due to an antiquated, patriarchal system,” Ms. May concluded.

Lorraine Rekmans, GPC Indigenous Affairs Critic, said: “Sadly, in this day and age, it is still the Government of Canada through the racist Indian Act who determines who is an ‘Indian’ and who is not. Despite the fact that more than 20 years ago, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People recommended that Indigenous people be self-determining, Indigenous people are still subjects determined by the Government.

“I hardly think that consultations are needed to address sexual discrimination. Consultation is no excuse to delay equality for Indigenous women. This Liberal government needs to go all the way to address sexual inequality for Indigenous women. There can be no partial measures. This government needs to ensure Indigenous women are treated as equals to Indigenous men. After all, it is 2017,” Ms. Rekmans said.