Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development (ENVI)

The committee met twice this week.                        

The Monday, 15 October meeting saw members meet to review two new Order-in-Council appointees to the Department of the Environment . They were Bob Hamilton to the Position of Deputy Minister of the Environmentand Alan Latourelle to the Position of Chief Executive Officer of the Parks Canada Agency.  Each new appointee presented their credentials and answered a variety of questions asked by committee members.

The meeting on Wednesday, Oct 17 saw the committee commence a study on Urban Conservation Practices in Canada.  The witnesses were Virginia Poter, Director General, Canadian Wildlife Service, Department of the Environment and  Andrew Campbell, Vice-President, External Relations and Visitor Experience, Parks Canada.

Ms. Poter talked about and answered questions regarding the definitions and benefits of urban conservation. Mr Campbell described and answered questions about the mandate and benefits to Canadians of Parks Canada.