Standing Committee on International Trade (CIIT)

This week the committee began its study on the benefits of becoming a full member of the Pacific Alliance. Canada currently holds observer status in the Alliance, and has Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with each of the four member nations of the Alliance.

On March 18th, the committee heard witness testimony from the Ambassador of Chile.  On March 20th, the committee heard from the Colombian and Peruvian Ambassadors. The questions targeted highlighting the difference between the trade agreements outlined in the Pacific Alliance and other FTAs. Each of the Ambassadors spoke in favor of the Alliance citing that the Alliance goes beyond the scope of the FTAs as it includes the harmonization of trade regulation in capital and personnel, rather than just goods, services, and investment.

On March 18th, a motion was carried in camera to ensure that the Minister of International Trade prior to May 29th 2013, to discuss the Main Estimates 2013-2014.