Statement from Elizabeth May on the situation in Gaza

Please see the statement below from Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party and Member of Parliament for Saanich–Gulf Islands, regarding the ongoing situation in Gaza:

I unequivocally condemn the violent attacks and kidnappings conducted by Hamas against Israeli civilians: There is no justification for committing terror attacks against families, women and children. These actions are atrocities that have shocked the conscience of humanity. I am calling for an immediate release of all hostages and I urge the Canadian government to do all in its power to de-escalate this conflict.

I am extremely concerned about the safety of the civilian population in Gaza, where half of the population of 2 million are children. In response to the attacks, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s right-wing government has formally declared war on Hamas and ordered a full siege of Gaza, cutting off water, electricity, food and gas. This siege is an illegal violation of international law and, along with knowingly bombing areas where civilians are present, causes arbitrary and indiscriminate death. Over 300,000 Israeli troops are now preparing for a full-scale invasion of Gaza, which will undoubtedly result in heavy military and civilian casualties on both sides.

A ceasefire must urgently be put in place before further violence erupts. All Palestinians and Israelis, particularly children, are entitled to basic safety and security. The prolonged Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, the longest in the world, must end completely and immediately, and Palestinian self-determination must be realised. 

I mourn for the Canadians and all others who have lost their lives to this conflict. I will continue to press the federal government to raise this matter with Canada’s international partners and to seize every opportunity to use our diplomatic power and position within the UN to immediately implement a ceasefire.

I stand in solidarity with Israeli and Palestinian civilians. I echo those voices calling for an immediate ceasefire and good-faith negotiations between parties.”