Statement on International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People


Please read the below statement from Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich–Gulf Islands and Leader of the Green Party of Canada, recognising the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People:

There is, obviously, a special meaning to this year’s International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People.

Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are living under the longest occupation in the world. Since Israel began its siege and invasion of Gaza, over 15000 Palestinians have been killed. These people are not Hamas leaders. They are innocent civilians. At least 8000 Palestinian children and infants are dead. Palestinians in the West Bank are being targeted for their land by extremist settlers while the world is focused on Gaza. 

I stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people today and always. They are entitled to basic human rights. They are entitled to self-determination and to live in peace without fear of indiscriminate bombing. I unequivocally condemn the surge in Islamophobic violence since last month. These are not controversial statements to make.

The current war and crisis is devastating for Palestinians and Israelis. A durable peace and a two-state solution requires an end to the occupation, restoration of Palestinian territories to the 1967 borders and a restoration of peace and security for Jerusalem respecting previous agreements.

As a country claiming to stand for international law, Canada must always call out war crimes and violations of international law. We need to demand a permanent ceasefire. Today I grieve all who have been lost since October 7 – Palestinian and Israeli – and will continue speaking out for human rights and dignity.