Tackling Contraband Tobacco Act (Bill S-16)

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I agree that contraband cigarettes are a real problem. They are a threat in Canada, and they fuel organized crime.

I am wondering if the hon. member has any thoughts on the cuts to Canada Border Services Agency and whether we should not rethink those cuts. In terms of not just contraband tobacco but, obviously, contraband drugs, should we not bring back the canine crews that used to go through imports to Canada at the border to spot contraband tobacco, just as they can spot other illicit drugs?

Robert Goguen: Mr. Speaker, the Government of Canada has invested significantly in this area. In my speech, I noted that we are strengthening the perimeter not only in Canada but in North America. We are working jointly with the United States in enforcing our common security interests.

Of course, contraband is as present in the United States as it is in Canada, so we will continue to work with the United States, our very close partners, in strengthening security for both our countries. We will continue to invest significantly to break up trafficking in illicit cigarettes.