The Coast Salish languages are precious

[Member spoke in SENCOTEN]

Mr. Speaker,

I hope I did not do too much damage to the language of the W_SÁNEC people to say, “honour, thank you”, and thanks to the Algonquin people on whose territory we are now taking place in debate today.

I want to recognize indigenous languages, particularly the hard work that has been done by SENCOTEN-speaking people from within Saanich—Gulf Islands and surrounding communities.

The Coast Salish languages are precious. They are an integral part of identity, culture, and of our heritage. In speaking SENCOTEN , I want to particularly recognize that the first SENCOTEN dictionary will be released on August 22. It is a milestone.

I want to thank the work of the First People’s Cultural Council and of all SENCOTEN-speaking people throughout Saanich—Gulf Islands.