The Havel speech Elizabeth May was not allowed to give

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Author: iPolitics Staff

In case you missed it, early Monday evening Green party leader Elizabeth May rose in the House to add a few words on the late Czech president Vaclav Havel to those already offered up by Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney, NDP foreign affair critic Hélène Laverdière, and Liberal interim leader Bob Rae.

Then a curious thing happened. As May was about to deliver her remarks, Speaker Andrew Scheer rose to ask if she had the unanimous consent of the House to speak. By all accounts, at least a pair of ‘no’ answers came from the Conservative side of the floor — you can watch the exchange on the video at right. Twitter is still rumbling with disgust, the nay sayers have yet to reveal themselves, but here are the words that an uncivil House wouldn’t let May speak.

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