Green Caucus Week in Review 04/26-30

Another busy week for the Green Caucus! Elizabeth responded to the budget in a statement on Monday, all three Greens had questions during Question Period, and MPs sat late into the night during an emergency debate on back-to-work legislation for Port of Montreal dockworkers.

Question Period

This week, Jenica, Elizabeth and Paul all had questions during Question Period.

Following the announcement of Canada’s disappointing new target of reducing emissions by 40-45% by 2030, Elizabeth told her colleagues, “climate targets aren’t about politics, they are about science.” She asked the government to set an improved target to reduce emissions by 2025.

Jenica called out the government for investing millions into Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMNR), and painting them as a clean, affordable energy solution, while ignoring the risks. Meanwhile investments in energy efficiency and renewable energies are able to reduce emissions today.

Paul asked the government to make post-secondary education free. He made a case for why all Canadians should have access to higher education without being crippled by debt, especially during this time of pandemic.

Questions and Statements

Key Moments

Emergency Debate on Port of Montreal strike


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