Week in Review 05/09-13

This week, Members of Parliament began late-night sittings. Sitting until midnight is routine close to the end of the session, to pass important legislation before the summer recess. It is unprecedented that late-night sittings begin so early in May.

Elizabeth thanked nurses and healthcare workers for their service in a statement on Thursday, May 12th. This date is Florence Nightingale’s birthday, and also the culmination of Nurses’ Week. In her statement she noted that nurses are suffering through a mental health crisis, and that we owe them so much more.

Question Period

In QP this week, Elizabeth asked why the government has not yet banned single-use plastics. “We do not have a plan. The regulations that are in draft form are completely inadequate,” she said.

In QP on Thursday, Mike criticized the government for a recent $10-billion loan guarantee into the Trans Mountain Pipeline. He demanded to know when the government would invest equally into a Just Transition for workers. “Net-zero by 2050 does not matter if we blow through our carbon budget decades earlier,” he said.

Key Moments

Elizabeth May: Thank you, nurses and healthcare workers, we owe you so much

Mike Morrice: Net-zero by 2050 does not matter if we blow through our carbon budget decades before

Elizabeth May: Let’s let Canadian, Indigenous, French content flourish through Bill C-11

Elizabeth May: The government has still not acted to ban single-use plastics

Mike Morrice: Why the Government’s Bill C-19 is failing on climate

Elizabeth May: Baffinland Mine is expanding without a permit and without oversight

Elizabeth May: We must address the decline of French in Canada

Elizabeth May: Can-China FIPA gave China disproportionate abilities to suppress Canadian interests


Stop the privatization of VIA Rail Canada (closes May 17)

Decontaminate the G&R Recycling facility in Kanesatake (closes June 17)