Week in Review 10/3 – 7

This week, MPs debated two government bills that seek to alleviate financial pressure on Canadians impacted by the skyrocketing cost of living. Bill C-30 seeks to temporarily double the GST tax credit, while C-31 seeks to create a one-time payment to renters, as well as a payment for dental care for children. While Elizabeth and Mike agreed that these payments are necessary to help Canadians during tough times, ultimately, they are band aid solutions that do not address the root causes of the skyrocketing cost of living.

In Question Period, Mike was the first MP to highlight a recent report from West Coast Environmental Law that contradicts Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s claim that no more government money would go to the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Elizabeth participated in debate on Bill S-5, the first significant overhaul in 23 years to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). “A right to a healthy environment is no right at all if it is not enforceable,” she said.

The House is scheduled to resume sitting on Monday, October 17th. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend and thanks for reading the Week in Review.

Question Period

Elizabeth May: UN Sec. General says leaders are lying about climate. Does he mean Canada’s leaders?

Mike Morrice: Stop wasting Canadians’ money on TMX

Key Moments

Mike Morrice: Without the Canada Disability Benefit, millions continue to live in legislated poverty

Elizabeth May: Bill C-30 is band aid solution, but band aids help when you are bleeding

Elizabeth May: A right to a healthy environment must be enforceable

Elizabeth May: Will the government create an enforceable right to a healthy environment?

Elizabeth May: C-31 does not address the real causes of skyrocketing housing costs