Week in Review: March 28 – April 1

This week began with the government publishing their Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP). Elizabeth held a press conference after the official tabling of the ERP to point out flaws and missing information. Where the government had filed with the United Nations an official target of 40-45% reductions in emissions below 2005 by 2030, the ERP states reductions of only 40%. It is also not clear if the measures listed in the report will in fact add up to a 40% reduction in emissions by 2030.

Question Period

Elizabeth and Mike both had questions in QP this week. On Monday, before the ERP was released, Elizabeth said that without even seeing the report, she knew that Canada would fail to meet its international commitments. “Net-zero by 2050 is the wrong target,” she said, and asked the government when they would update their targets to commitments made at COP26.On Wednesday, Mike called the ERP a “fairy tale” that somehow justifies increasing fossil fuel subsidies to magically reduce emissions with technology that does not yet exist. “We need a climate plan that aligns with the science,” he said, “…and that invests in proven solutions.”

Press Conferences