Fergus-based researcher backs May’s call for plan to fight Lyme disease

Publication Source: The Guelph Mercury
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Author: Vik Kirsch

Local Lyme disease researcher John Scott strongly supports federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May’s private member’s bill calling for a national strategy to fight the spreading ailment, which is as close to Guelph and Waterloo Region as Turkey Point on the north shore of Lake Erie.

“I’m all in favour of what she’s trying to do,” said Scott, the Fergus-based research scientist for the Lyme Disease Association of Ontario. At the University of Guelph, he’s involved in genetic “bar coding” of disease ticks he’s collected over many years.

May is pushing for a federal conference of health officials to create a Canada-wide means of preventing, quickly diagnosing and treating the emerging ailment, spread by black-legged ticks carrying Borrelia bacteria.

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