Fund the Canadian Organic Standards review

January 24, 2018

Elizabeth May strongly supports the Canadian organic sector, and is therefore urging the federal government to fund the Canadian Organic Standards review. “Our major trading partners, including the U.S., provide funding towards the reviews of their organic agricultural standards. If Canada is to stay competitive in this crucial industry, the Liberal government must follow suit. The Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food has already recommended that the government fund this review. We hope Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay makes the right decision.

“Local, organic agriculture has a major role to play in lowering Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions,” continued Ms. May. “It also drives progress towards healthier, stronger, and more food-secure communities across the country. If we are to take our commitments to climate change mitigation and resilient local communities seriously, we must strengthen support for the organics sector.”

Kate Storey, Agriculture Critic for the Green Party of Canada, said: “Organic farms ands businesses have been heavily burdened with paying for the review of their sector’s industry standards, while other federal departments — from Fisheries and Oceans to Transport — relieve the industries under their purview from this financial obligation.

This important and growing industry needs our support if it is to remain competitive.”