Greens pleased government agrees to hearings on “mega trials” bill

The Green Party is pleased the  government and other opposition parties have agreed to a compromise, allowing  expedited hearings on the so-called “mega trials” legislation.

“Legislation like this,  which has the potential to profoundly affect vital aspects of our system of  justice, should not be rubber-stamped,” said Ms. May.  “I am  pleased that the bill is moving to  expedited hearings.  This was the result I was seeking. Credit to all sides of  the House for agreeing hearings are the right thing to do. This is an example of  our Parliament working the way it should.”

Earlier this week Green MP  Elizabeth May denied unanimous consent to the legislation, citing concerns with  some provisions of the bill. In particular, the Green Party was concerned about  how the legislation would affect the right of defendants to request bail in  preferred indictments, and the move to more anonymity for jurors. The Green  Party felt Parliament needed to hear from legal experts before proceeding on the  legislation.

With the compromise, the  legislation will get a day of hearings by a Parliamentary committee, while still  allowing time for the bill to go to a vote in Parliament before the  Parliamentary session is over.