Oral Questions

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, my point of order relates to the conduct of hon. members in question period yesterday and today. I regret to raise this, but I am hoping that by mentioning it early enough in this fall session, we might remember the good intentions when we first met after the election at the beginning of this 41st Parliament.

I would like to remind members of Standing Order 16, which says when a member is speaking, no member shall interrupt him or her. I also would like to reference Standing Order 18, which says that no member shall use offensive words against either the House or any member thereof.

It is not one or two members who have fallen off the wagon, shall I say. There has been a collective falling off the wagon. I could barely hear the member for Toronto Centre when he was speaking and I could barely hear the member for Vancouver East when she was speaking.

I would like your ruling on this, Mr. Speaker. It is a legitimate point of order that members must restrain themselves and experience the kind of decorum that we once so fervently hoped for in the House.

The Speaker: I thank the hon. member for raising this matter. Of course, I always do my best to make sure that members can be heard both when they are posing and answering questions and I will continue to do that over the next few weeks.