Green Caucus Week in Review 05/10 – 14

This week was the last of five sitting weeks in a row. Parliament is scheduled to resume for the final stretch before the summer on Tuesday, May 25th. Until then, stay safe, and thank you for reading the Green Caucus Week in Review.

On Friday, May 14th, join the Saanich – Gulf Islands Green Party to celebrate Elizabeth’s 10 year election anniversary!

Question Period

Jenica, Paul and Elizabeth all had questions this week.

Paul asked when the government will measure Canada’s economic success through well-being metrics, rather than GDP. He pointed out that when you measure GDP, an “old-growth forest…has no value until it is converted to lumber.” A well-being economy measures the health of people and the planet through metrics like literacy rates, biodiversity and work-life balance.

In her question, Jenica asked Justice Minister Lemetti whether he is prepared to reform the Justice system to protect survivors of sexual assault. She stated that even though Bill C-3 has become law, and judges will now receive training to help them better understand sexual assault, “They are still operating within a broken system.” Meaningful reforms, she stated, would include establishing a sexual assault and domestic violence court.

Elizabeth asked the government to speak out clearly in defence of the Palestinian people. She said that Canada is hobbled by their position that “both sides must de-escalate”. While this is true, she said, “true peace will never be achieved if we keep ignoring that one side is the occupier, the other is occupied.

The Budget

Jenica and Elizabeth responded to the Budget Implementation Act on Monday. Elizabeth cautioned the government against ending financial supports like the wage subsidy and Canada Response Benefit too early. She also called for a wealth tax to bring in more revenue and an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

Recounting the Liberals’ history of hypocrisy related to climate action and Indigenous justice, Jenica made clear that Canadians need a budget with substance, and a government with the courage to lead Canada into the future.

Questions and Statements