Opposition Motion – Federal Infrastructure Plan

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I would first like to thank the hon. member for her speech. The Conservative member’s question does not take into account the reality of the municipalities. Our cities, towns and municipalities receive only 8% of all the tax revenue collected by all levels of government. Eight percent is not enough to meet the major challenge of billions of dollars worth of infrastructure deficit.

Does the hon. member have anything to say about the other points raised by the member opposite?

Hélène LeBlanc: Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleague for her astute comments and her question. Over the years, for several decades, the federal government has shirked many of its responsibilities, such as being an active partner on infrastructure issues. Over the years, the government has passed off these responsibilities and has not provided for any long-term strategic planning or predictable funding.

The motion addresses this issue and calls on the government to think seriously about reducing the infrastructure deficit in a meaningful way and in partnership with the provinces and communities.